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Why boost with us?


Portion of butter has been replaced with organic cold pressed virgin coconut oil - Not only as a healthier option, coconut oil has been known to help with milk supply too!

Plus, with generous amount of milk boosting ingredients such as organic whole grain rolled oats, organic chia seeds, flax seeds and brewer’s yeast added to all our bakes, you’d be sure to get the most out of every tasty bite. 


Most lactation cookies available in the market are chewy and comes in inconvenient big pieces.

Here at The Fussy Pâtissières, we are one of the very few in the market that serves crunchy bite-sized cookies - All for your savoury and convenience to consume on the go or even when hunger pangs strike during your little one’s midnight feed.


Our recipes has been tested and approved by our circle of mommy friends before the products are launched officially.

All our bakes are launched only after we have received sufficient positive feedbacks, on the taste as well as the effectiveness on boosting of milk supply.

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