Frequently Asked Questions

Must I create an account in order to check-out?

Creating an account with us is optional; You may proceed with your check-out without creating an account.

You are, however, strongly encouraged to create an account for an easier and faster check-out on your next purchase with us!

I’m pregnant - Are your lactation bakes safe for me?

Good news! All our lactation bakes are fenugreek-free and safe for pregnant mummies to enjoy!

We understand that pregnant mummies may wish to try our bakes before they deliver, all ingredients are carefully selected to avoid certain galactagogue that are not recommended for consumption during pregnancy. Yay!

When should I start taking your lactation bakes?

It's never too early to try our lactation bakes! From pregnancy to confinement and breastfeeding your little one, we have mummies who bought our bakes days before their EDD and some even brought it with them to the delivery suit!

Note: During pregnancy, our body hormones prevent milk secretion from being ‘activated’, thus, many lactation products in the market, including ours, will not help in milk production until you have delivered and are lactating. 

How long will it take to see the effect?

Every woman is unique and responds differently to food. Though majority of mummies do notice a significant boost in their milk supply within hours after consuming our bakes, some may take a couple more days after taking our lactation bakes consistently. Don’t just hear from us! - Read on reviews from our Facebook / Google page to know how it’ve helped fellow mummies on their breastfeeding journey!

While our bakes provide nutritious (and tasty!) lactation support, you are strongly encouraged to follow our consumption guide and consume them in conjunction with healthy diet, appropriate water/fluid intake, consistent breastfeeding and/ pumping habits for our lactation bakes to work their best for you.

Is it safe for Daddy and children consumption too?

Definitely! Our lactation bakes are specially made with many nutritious ingredients, no added preservatives nor addictive, and avoiding certain galactagogues, thus making it one of the perfect alternative snacks for all to enjoy - This includes pregnant mummies, hungry dads and even little kiddos too! (Save for allergies to certain ingredients; Feel free to check with us if you have any allergy concern) 

With increasing requests from many, we are also serving non-lactation cookies and muffinlets so even mummies who have stopped breastfeeding are able to enjoy our muffinlets still without worrying of leaking boobs! Like our lactation version, these non-lactation bakes are made with no added preservatives, colouring nor addictives as well; Making them perfect for breakfast or even tea-time snack for everyone in the family to enjoy.

Psst. We have been told too many times that daddies have been secretly snacking on our bakes when mummies aren't watching - Be sure to order extra to replace the ones that were "stolen" from you!


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