The Fussy Pâtissières is proudly founded by two sisters - Pauline and Eileen. 

If you had asked us if we would have ended up starting our own lactation business in the past, we wouldn't have imagined it.

Pauline: "Baking with a passion came as a surprise to me, as I wasn't expose to it since young. An opportunity landed me in a reowned bakery, and I was blessed to learn from and alongside many pâtissiers. The days and nights were long but fruitful working with the elites! 

However, soon I found myself struggling to balance work and family as I was often baking through the festive seasons and missing out many precious moments with my firstborn. It wasn't long before the thought of leaving this baking field to find a 9-5 job to juggle my time better came.

Fast forward years later, I was pregnant again and I thought I will be successfully breastfeeding as before given that I breastfed my older son till 32 months old! But no, things didn't work out this time and I found myself trying out various lactation goods to improve my supply. The lactation goods didn't help me much, unfortunately."

Eileen: "Being close to my sister, I noticed she's been frustrated over her supply as well as over the money spent over the lactation products that didn't work well for her. So I thought given her experience and baking skills, why not do it ourselves instead?

We tried most lactation cookies in the market and found them to be chewy in texture mostly, plus served in big pieces which can be rather inconvenient to be consume at times! So, being a fan of crunchy over chewy, we spent many nights after her sons, my nephews, are asleep to bake and try out our different recipes.

After countless late nights of trying to get the right texture and taste, we finally got to baking crunchy, bite-sized lactation cookies! I was so excited when our hard work finally paid off. We shared them with our fellow mummy friends who were struggling with their low supply too. Many of them feedback on their increased supply and even requested for more! Some told us we should start selling them because it was so yummy!"

Pauline: "And this is how The Fussy Pâtissières was born - By Nursing Mom, For Nursing Moms. I know how difficult and lonely breastfeeding can get. It is even worse when you have low supply. That's why we are certain we wanted to help.

So if you are struggling, we want you to know that you're not alone! Our lactation bakes have worked for many, try them out and tell us when you succeed too."

Breastfeeding may not be easy but we are here for you!

Ready to find out on our yummy bakes?